Email Marketing Leader iContact Introduces iContact Free Edition

iContact announced today it is launching iContact Free Edition. This no-cost version of its flagship email marketing and social marketing tool makes it easy for individuals, community organizations and small businesses to stay in touch with their subscribers without the need for a large marketing budget. “Today, we are announcing a major new product launch for iContact designed to make email marketing and social marketing available to everyone in both their professional and personal lives,” said Ryan Allis, iContact CEO. “We want to provide easy access to free email marketing and social marketing tools backed by world-class service.”

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How will 2012 NCAA Tourney Look? Here’s an Early Look at the Field

USA Today writer Jack Carey takes an early look at what will the 2012 NCAA tournament will look like. Although the NCAA tournament just ended, StatSheet uses its big data analysis engine and algorithms to predict what the 2012 field may look like. “We have a season-preview indicator, which takes into account recent history, and we elminate the seniors that are leaving and players who have declared for the draft, or are projected to be lottery picks” says Statsheet’s Joe Procopio. “We use several sources to rank the top recruits for the upcoming season and look at coaching changes and conference changes, etc.” Based on current numbers, StatSheet projects Kentucky as the overall No. 1 seed, with Kansas, North Carolina and Ohio State as other top seeds.

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