10 Tech Trends Defining the Future of Small Business

Writing for Entrepreneur, Jonathan Blum, takes a look at some of the most intriguing technology trends happening today. He reviews Automated Insights, the NC-based company that is turning big data into relevant narratives and visualizations. The company’s automated platform works to create more than 400 websites, 700 Twitter feeds and 400 mobiles apps. “We originally started out focused on data-intensive content like sports. But now we realize we can use the technology in anything from financial services to health care,” says CEO Robbie Allen.

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BiOS 2012: Cancer Diagnosis Dominates Hot Topics

Writing from Photonics West 2012 in San Francisco, Mike Hatcher takes a look at this year’s “hot topics” of optical diagnostic techniquessession at the BiOS biophotonics conference. Statistics from the American Cancer Society show that survival rates for some forms of the disease are now very good, their remain a number of cancer types that are difficult to diagnose. Esophageal cancer, with a 5-year survival rate of only 19%, is among those difficult to diagnose early. Adam Wax, Duke University researcher and founder of Oncoscope, presented Oncoscope’s clinical probe to diagnose the pre-cancerous dysplasia stage of esophageal cancer.

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A Fantasy App Store? CBS Sports to Launch “First Open Platform” for Fantasy Sports

TechCrunch’s Rip Emspon covers CBS Sport’s App Central in anticipation of the launch on January 31st. Touted as the “first open platform” for Fantasy Sports, CBS Sports hopes it can create a better overall user experience by hosting co-produced products and services. Six companies – Advanced Sports Media, Bloomberg Sports, Rotowire, StatSheet (Automated Insights), Major League Baseball Advanced Media, and Ziguana – have signed on as partners and will offer apps when the store launches.

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Nine Email-Related Companies to Watch in 2012

Email Insider highlights some of the companies it will be watching in 2012. The companies aren’t email service providers, but rather, offer complementary services that can be integrated with current ESPs with no or limited integration. Windsor Circle is highlighted for its ability to create segments based on behavioral data. Using purchase history, Windsor Circle builds segments that marketers can use to send targeted emails, increasing open rates and top line revenue.

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