Axial Exchange Profiles its Award-Winning Care Transition Solutions at National Medicare-Medicaid Event

Axial Exchange announced today that CEO and co-founder Joanne Rohde will profile the company’s award-winning software solution at this week’s National Medicare-Medicaid Payment Summit in Washington DC. She will be speaking on Axial Exchange’s care transition solution and its role in reducing avoidable readmissions and increasing patient satisfaction.

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NextRay to Present at Technology Transfer Capital Forum on June 8, 2012

The Long Island Capital Alliance (LICA) announced today that NextRay will be a presenting company at its Technology Transfer Capital Forum to be held on June 8, 2012. LICA is a leading non-profit capital formation and business development organization serving regional companies. NextRay, a spin-out from UNC Chapel Hill, will be presenting the company’s breakthrough high-resolution, low-dose medical imaging technology.

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Social Solutions Partners with Simtech Solutions to Enhance ETO Software Conversions for HMIS

Social Solutions announced today that it had formed a strategic partnership with web application development and consulting firm Simtech Solutions to make Social Solutions’ Efforts to Outcome (ETO) software more readily accessible to organizations looking to migrate from existing HMIS software. Social Solutions is a recognized leader in the HMIS software field, and its ETO HMIS software allows government agencies and non-profit organizations to simplify program management and data collection.

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Fantasy Sports Become Big Business as Popularity Continues to Rise

Medill author Kyle Clapham writes on the growing popularity of fantasy sports and the hundreds of online startups trying to bring even more consumers to fantasy sports. Clapham points out that fantasy sports hosts must decide whether to share their APIs to outside software developers. Automated Insights COO Scott Frederick weighs in saying, “[League operators] can either close it off and try to do all the development themselves, which puts a lot of pressure on their internal development teams to continue to advance the ball, or they can open it up and try to foster innovation and then leverage their position as kind of the gate keeper, so to speak, of the audience and take a toll or collect a fee.” Automated Insight operates over 345 sites through its subsidiary and publishes over 15,000 articles per month.

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Axial Exchange Showcases How Touch-Screen Solutions Can Reduce Avoidable Readmissions

Axial Exchange announced today that co-founder Matt Mattox will showcase the role of care transitions solutions at the upcoming Health 2.0 Spring Fling: Matchpoint Boston event. He will discuss how the company’s Axial Patient touch-screen application is helping to reduce avoidable readmissions and increasing patient satisfaction scores. Axial’s flagship solutions recently won the Office of the National Coordinator’s (ONC) Developer Challenge on “Ensuring Safe Transitions From Hospital to Home,” managed by Health 2.0.

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Automated Insights: Computers May Not Replace Human Writers, As Long As Perspectives Exist

WebProNews writer Chris Crum spoke with Automated Insights CEO Robbie Allen on the future of auto-generated content and human writers. Allen makes the point that people will always have different perspectives on stories. As such, there will continue to be sites, blogs and social outlets sharing their thoughts and perspectives on stories. “Allen thinks in 50 years, we’ll look back and think it was funny that we ever had humans doing quantitative analysis. Computers are just better at number crunching, he says, but humans are better at qualitative analysis – another reason why human writers shouldn’t fear for their jobs too much just yet.”

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Email Marketing: 208% Higher Conversion Rate for Targeted Emails over Batch-and-Blast

A new case study from MarketngSherpa highlights the benefits of targeted emails on conversion rates. The case study analyzes Washington-based, a Windsor Circle customer. Using Windsor Circle’s segmentation software, send a promotional email, crafted by Windsor Circle, to a high-value segment of its subscriber base– a current email subscriber who had made only one purchase in the last 18 months and that purchase ranked in the top 25% of all order placed in that period. The result, an open rate of 20.25%, CTR of 4.36% and a conversion rate of 0.71%. That conversion rate was 208% higher than event the high-end of’s typical batch-and-blast emails, which ranged from 0.04-0.23%.

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