GradSave Awarded SFBJ Business of the Year H. Wayne Huizenga Startup Award

GradSave was recently announced as the winner of the Business of the Year H. Wayne Huizenga Startup Award by the South Florida Business Journal. GradSave, led by CEO Marcos Cordero, is leading his team in making college easier for families across the country. GradSave operates the leading online college savings registry that helps families save for college.

Read more on GradSave’s blog. Gets Sellers Hefty Shipping Refunds

Julie Wilkinson of takes a look at 71 Pounds and discusses the often overlooked money-back guarantees offered by FedEx and UPS. The Fort Lauderdale based company, automated package tracking and applying these guarantees. “Overnight shipments are time-definite (i.e., next day 8 am, 10.30 am, 3.30 pm, etc.), and ground shipments are day-definite (i.e. 3-day service from DC to Omaha),” explained CEO Jose Li. More than 80% of 71lbs’ customers “were not aware of the guarantee when we talk to them,” said Li. “Today, they love the fact that we give them free weekly refunds, and they love 71lbs!”

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The Top 15 Apps E-Commerce Websites Can’t Do Without

Fort Lauderdale-based 71 Pounds was included in Website Magazine’s list of 15 apps e-commerce  website can’t do without. The company helps merchants apply and collect refunds on orders that arrive live. Nearly 6% of all UPS and FedEx shipments arrive late. What most merchants don’t know is these companies have a money-back guarantee that they’re entitled to. 71 Pounds monitors shipments and refunds are automatically claimed and credited back to them.

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