GradSave Partners with Children of Fallen Soldiers to Raise Funds for College

This Memorial Day, GradSave announced a new partnership with the Children of Fallen Soldiers Foundation (CoFS) to increase awareness and raise educational savings for children who have lost a parent while serving our Armed Forces. GradSave will feature three families, chosen by CoFS, on, where people can contribute directly to a college fund for each child. Gifts start as low as $5.00 and GradSave will be donating $1.00 for every GradSave transaction made from May 24th-31st, including gifts made to their current 8,000+ GradSavers.

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Site AI Aims to Bring Big Data Interpretation to Big Data

AdPulp’s Dan Goldgeier takes a look at Automated Insight’s latest product, Site Ai. The new service summarizes web analytics and site stats using reports written to simulate everyday language. “The problem with dashboards is they don’t directly provide insights or deliver knowledge about the data. Even worse, most visualizations require the user go through the mental exercise of interpreting the results. Site Ai does the analysis for you and presents the information in plain English.”

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With Site Ai, Automated Insights Provides a Cliffs Notes Version of Your Web Analytics

TechCrunch’s Anthony Ha takes a first look at Automated Insight’s latest product, Site Ai. The service pulls site data directly from Google Analytics and Clicky (taking votes on which service to integrate next) and distils the information to bullet points that everyone can understand. “Put another way: With a Site Ai summary, you shouldn’t have to do too much thinking.”

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Startup Spotlight:

The Miami Herald’s Nancy Dahlberg takes a look at the backstory of GradSave, an online college savings registry. The article spotlights the story of how the company was founded, their biggest challenge thus far and advice on next startups from IDEA Fund Partners Managing Partner, Lister Delgado.

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How 71 lbs is Getting Money Back for Small Businesses

BusinessNewsDaily Staff Writer, David Mielach provides an overview of Fort Lauderdale-based 71 lbs. The company provides an automated service of tracking shipments and applying for money-back guarantees when shipments are late. “Every FedEx and UPS Shipment comes with a money-back gauarantee policy,” said Jose Li. “When you ship an overnight or ground package, if FedEx or UPS delivers a minute late, you are supposed to get 100 percent of your money back. The catch is, they will never give you the money automatically, you have to initiate the claim and most people in most companies are not aware of this.”

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Screen Scraping Bots Banished by Latest Startup Targeting Travel Vertical

TNooz takes a look at Distil Networks’ system for protecting content and eliminating web scraping bots. Screen scraping has and continues to be a boon for some and frustration for others. Distil’s SaaS service identifies real website visitors from bots and serves content bases on the user. Founded in 2011 by cloud security veterans, the company sees great potential in the travel sector, which they estimated internally to be a $400 million market.

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