Axial Exchange Releases Third Patient Engagement Index

Axial Exchange announced today that is has released the results of its California Patient Engagement Index (PEI). Axial Exchange’s PEI is a groundbreaking index that ranks US hospitals based on analysis of public available data in three categories: personal health management, patient satisfaction and social media engagement. Sharp Memorial Hospital and Doctors Medical Center of Modesto topped the list of 135 California hospitals. A searchable list of the results is available here.

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Brand Growth Lessons from McDonald’s

Forbes contributing writer Patrick Spenner looks at how established brands can create and sustain emotional connections with many different segments. Upstart competitors are increasingly able to attract portions of established brand’s customer segments by creating strong value propositions and emotional connections with customers. Working with Motista’s emotional intelligence software, Forbes analyzes McDonald’s emotional connection signature to determine what characterizes the highly successful brand from other quick service restaurants.

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Distil Networks CEO, Rami Essaid, Joins Dyn’s Thought Leader Council

Dyn, a leader in Internet Infrastructure as a Service, announced three new members of their Thought Leader Council. Among the newest members was Distil Networks CEO and Co-founder, Rami Essaid. Formed in 2009, the Thought Leader Council informally advises the company of their brand, products and future growth. “I joined the TLC because I am not only a customer, but an avid fan of Dyn and the innovations they are bringing to DNS,” said Essaid. “The ability to be a part of those innovative discussions about the future excites my inner geek.”

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BrightDoor’s Real Estate Sales and Marketing Software Rises with Phoenix

As the real estate market in Arizona continues to recover, developers and builders are turing their attention to marketing. The question they’re asking themselves is no longer “When’s this all going to turn around?” but instead, “With more buyers in the game choosing among more options, how can I capture and keep my share of attention?” The answer to the latter has been BrightDoor’s real estate sales and marketing software for four leading communities in Arizona.

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NC IDEA Awards $220,000 in Grants Bringing Total Funding Mark to Over $2.9 Million

NC IDEA announced today that had awarded $220K in grants to five North Carolina startups. The winners of NC IDEA 15th cycle of the program – BaseTrace, INRFOOD, MyLearningID, NeuroSpire and Novocor Medical Systems – were selected from over 159 applications. Since its inception in 2006, NC IDEA’s grant program has awarded $2.9M to 77 companies across the state.

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Automated Insights Now Offers Plain English Web Analytics

TechJournal’s Alan Maurer takes a look at Automated Insight’s latest product, Site Ai, and its unique viral pricing. Site Ai is the latest use of the company’s sophisticated engine which sorts through large data sets looking for patterns and trends. Pulling data from Google Analytics and Clicky, it provides website owners with website analytics in actionable reports in language everyone can understand.

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