NC IDEA Opens Fall 2013 Grant Cycle with Info Sessions; New Video Element Added to Application

NC IDEA announced today the opening of its Fall 2013 grant cycle. The grant cycle, the organization’s sixteenth, will open on August 12, 2013. NC IDEA is hosting several information sessions for prospective applicants to discuss the grant process and eligibility criteria. The grants, which are up to $50,000 per recipient, support business plan research and development, reduce risk of early failure and advance projects to the point of suitability for angel or venture capital investment. New for this cycle, entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to submit a two-minute video along with their grant application.

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Kick Off College Savings Before a Child is Born

Writing for US News, Reyna Gobel takes a look at the options available to parents for setting up college savings accounts before their children are born. She provides an example of the Keller’s, a Washington couple, who opened a GradSave account which allows friends and family to donate money online to a college fund. The online registry allows parents to transfer money donated through the site into any 529 college savings plan account. According to GradSave spokesman Eddie Pradel, it is common for parents to open GradSave accounts before a child is born in anticipation of events such as baby showers.

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Travel Industry Infographic: 30% of Travel Website Traffic Is Generated by Web Scrapers

According to a study by Distil Networks, web scrapers attack travel industry websites so frequently that on average 30% of travel industry website traffic is generated by a web scraping bot. During a one-week research period, Distil Networks protected travel industry customers from over 50 million web scraper attempts to access site data. The results reveal that the the target of these scrapers are travel industry prices , and that up to 6% of these scrapers are from direct competitors. Co-founder and CEO Rami Essaid says web scrapers target prices for competitive analyses, listing aggregation, and enforcement of pricing agreements.

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Axial Exchange Announces Design Enhancements to Pioneering App, Reflects Advances in Science of Patient Engagement

The Herald takes a look at Axial Exchange’s recent updates to its patient engagement app. These updates include a simplified user interface, consolidating health system resources and a design approach to better focus users on the health information itself. “We spend a lot of time tracking and analyzing research and best practices related to patient engagement and we are always working to incorporate that knowledge into our application,” said Joanne Rohde, CEO of Axial Exchange. “A great example of this is the way we have pulled medication tracking up into the home screen. Recent findings indicate that poor medication adherence drives more than $100 billion in avoidable costs, and is responsible for 1 in 10 readmissions, making it an obvious candidate for prioritization in the app.”

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GradSave Sponsors $5,000 Children’s College Fund Sweepstakes

GradSave announced today its $5,000 Children’s College Fund Sweepstakes. The winner of a random drawing will receive $5,000 towards a 529 college savings plan. There is no purchase necessary and parents can visit the entry page at for a chance to win. This is the second sweepstakes that GradSave has sponsored as the Company continues its mission to raise awareness of the importance of saving for college.

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GradSave is Going Fee-Free to Help Customers Save Money for College

GradSave announced today that it will no longer charge fees for gift transactions on its site. In an effort to help more customers save for college, GradSave will no longer charge fees beyond those of 4rd party payment processors. “We couldn’t be more excited to offer our service free to families that are saving for college. Removing all barriers that might hinder college savings has been our goal from day one,” says GradSave Co-Founder, CEO and Chief GradSaver Marcos Cordero. “This is an important step to help gift-givers and families alike realize that giving the gift of a college education is not only easy, but now at a vastly reduced rate — especially if contributors pay via eCheck. Giving the gift of a college education is now officially cheaper than even the postage on a greeting card.”

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Axial Exchange Shines the Spotlight on Hospitals Patient Engagement Plans

mHealthNews covers the work Axial Exchange has been doing in generating the company’s Patient Engagement Index (PEI). The survey rank hospitals using publicly available data in three categories, including: 1) personal health resources, 2) social engagement, and 3) patient satisfaction. Thus far, Axial Exchange has released PEIs for hospitals in Florida, Texas and California. According to Matt Mattox, VP of Products and Marketing, the publicity around the PEIs have served to “get the conversation started” with hospitals that are uncertain or hesitant to adopt a patient engagement program.

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