Crowd Funding College: Gradsave Hopes To Help Paralyzed Parents With Savings – Forbes


Forbes staff writer, Meghan Casserly, takes a look at GradSave and founder Marcos Cordero as they seek to help parents save for college via crowd funding. As the cost of college education continues to rise, GradSave aims to make saving for college simple, with a combination of education and online tools that accept gifts from friends and family. The fee-free service can be linked to any state-sponsored 529 saving plan.

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The Open Source Prescription for More Consumer-Driven Healthcare

Writing for, Kelly Andrews interviews Joanne Rohde, CEO of Axial Exchange, in advance of her talk at the All Things Open conference in October. In addition to addressing how Axial Exchange’s technology helps patients overcome complex behavioral barriers and adhere to treatment plans, she provides advance on starting a company in the healthcare information space in today’s environment.

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New York Presbyterian Hospital, Mount Sinai Medical Center and Rochester General Hospital Top New York Patient Engagement Index (PEI) Ranking

Axial Exchange announced today the results of its New York Patient Engagement Index (PEI). The groundbreaking index ranks U.S. hospitals based on analysis of publically available data in three categories: personal health management, patient satisfaction and social media engagement. The NY PEI is Axial Exchange’s fourth regional PEI issued. Previous PEI’s ranked hospitals in Florida, Texas and California.

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