Founders Series: The WedPics Growth Story

WedPics CEO and Co-Founder, Justin Miller, sits down with ExitEvent for a great interview. As the leading private social network for weddings, Justin explains the company’s origin story, lessons learned, partnerships and how he and his team are successfully building a consumer-focused app in Raleigh.

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How WedPics Got a Silicon Valley Lead, a Draper & a ‘Shark’ in Series B

Raleigh-based WedPics recently completed a $4.25 million raise, reports Laura Baverman of ExitEvent.

On Monday a $250,000 raise will added to the existing $4.25 million in financing. Plus, Baverman writes, it is the opportunity to invest alongside famed investor Barbara Corcoran of Shark Tank.

“It’s just a neat opportunity to gain some more exposure and a neat investment story,” said Justin Miller, the company’s CEO.

The round includes a number of prominent VCs and angels located in the Triangle, IDEA Fund Partners among them.

“We leveraged our existing investors—TAP, Idea Fund, Great Oaks and angels like Scot Wingo—and they were able to reach out to their networks and start connecting me, and then those networks would connect me to their networks. It proved to be exactly what I needed,” added Miller on the fundraising process.

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Winning the War Against Bots

While web bots began as innocent agents helping to gather and archive information for search engines, they have evolved into something that can be used maliciously. Potential harm from malicious bots range from email gathering for spam distribution to crippling websites through Distributed Denial of Service attacks. Distil Networks’ leading cloud security platform can identify bots from human visitors and prevent malicious bots from entering a client’s network. The company also offers a private cloud for on-premise solutions.

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When an Algorithm Helps Keep an Eye on Your Grandparent

GreatCall, the maker of mobile health and safety products for seniors, and Automated Insights recently announced a partnership to send automated reports to caregivers. Using the data collected by GreatCall devices, Automated Insights will automatically generate weekly recaps of users’ metrics such as activity and location, sending it to caregivers. The recaps are intended to empower seniors to live more safely on their own, while providing better data to caregivers on how their loved ones are doing.

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The Case for Prescribing a Patient Engagement App

Axial Exchange Co-Founder and VP of Product Development, Matt Mattox, explains the need for health systems to look past “tired web-based patient portals” and offer patients health management tools that they will actually use. The proliferation of smart devices has empowered patients to better manage their health. As hospitals develop their patient engagement strategies, Mattox sees measurement evolving from virtually no measurement (today) to connecting engagement-to-outcomes in the future.

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IDEA Fund Partners Announces Investment in Royalty Exchange

Leading Online Auction Platform for Royalties Brings Transparency to the Marketplace

DURHAM, NC − November 6, 2014 IDEA Fund Partners is pleased to announce its recent investment in Royalty Exchange, the first centralized online marketplace connecting royalty owners with investors. Founded in 2011 by technology and music industry veterans, Royalty Exchange is bringing transparency to a market that has long been conducted in opaque, one-off transactions. In conjunction with the investment, IDEA Fund Partners Managing Partner, John Cambier, has become a director on the board of Royalty Exchange.

“We’re excited to have IDEA Fund Partners participate in this financing,” said Sean Peace, Royalty Exchange CEO and Co-founder. “As a Raleigh-based company, it’s encouraging to have the support of local investors. IDEA Fund Partners’ track record and experience working with early stage technology companies was very compelling. We look forward to having John on the board and working with IDEA Fund Partners as we grow the world’s leading online marketplace for royalty investments.”

Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, with offices in Los Angeles, Nashville and New York, Royalty Exchange is the world’s first online marketplace for the valuation and sale of royalties on a secure and transparent platform. Using the platform, accredited investors can bid on a wide array of royalty assets in either single-unit or multi-unit (securitized) auctions. Royalty Exchange brings transparency to the market by making royalty revenue history available for each listing, allowing prospective bidders to better understand and analyze the underlying revenue stream. Royalty streams are seamlessly managed post-auction by Royalty Exchange, with the new right holders receiving quarterly or bi-annual royalty distributions. Notable offerings managed by Royalty Exchange include royalties connected to artists such as Justin Timberlake, Travis Tritt, Usher and Whitney Houston, as well as songs from Disney films and TV shows including SeinfeldFriends and Law & Order.

“The success of platforms like Lending Cub and AngelList demonstrates the changing investment landscape,” said John Cambier, Managing Partner of IDEA Fund Partners. “We believe that music and other royalties present an untapped asset class for investors seeking yield and uncorrelated alternative investments. Sean and his team have created a unique valuation, auction and stream management platform that is opening this market to the masses. We’re excited to partner with Royalty Exchange as one of the first investments out of our second fund.”

Royalty Exchange will use the cash infusion to further develop the platform and expand its sales and marketing presence as it penetrates deeper into music. Beyond music, Royalty Exchange is developing opportunities for oil and gas, film, TV, books, pharmaceutical, patents, intellectual property, apps and other forms of royalties.

About IDEA Fund Partners
Headquartered in Durham, NC, IDEA Fund Partners provides seed and early stage equity funding along with company building expertise to technology companies in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. Since 2007, IDEA Fund Partners has invested in 19 early stage companies, making the firm one of the most active seed and early stage venture investors in the Southeast. IDEA Fund Partners is currently investing out of its second fund, from which it has made five investments to date. Learn more at

About Royalty Exchange
Founded in 2011, Royalty Exchange started after identifying the need for a centralized marketplace where royalty owners could monetize their royalties and investors seeking to purchase alternative assets could invest in them. Our mission is simply to provide a platform where royalty assets, such as music, television and film or intellectual property, renewable energy and oil and gas, can be bought or sold in an effort to bring value to both the investor and seller. For more information, visit

Founder Series: How Pendo Helps Data Drive Product Development

Todd Olson and his co-founders have kept a low profile and quietly built their team and product. The team has built the first software platform designed specifically for product managers– an area in which the team has first-hand experience. Compiling and analyzing data on how customers interact and use features, the platform helps product managers build more engaging software. The company recently emerged from stealth mode, announcing 35 SaaS customers and $1M in funding.

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Pendo snags over $1 million seed

Pendo, a product engagement firm, recently received $1.025 million in seed funding. The round included prominent investors such as Core Capital Partners, Contour Venture Partners, IDEA Fund Partners, and Brent Queener, former EVP of

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Why B2B Marketing Still Lacks Emotional Appeal

Most marketers will agree that emotional connection, consciously or subconsciously, plays an important role in the decision making process for consumer goods. Despite this widely held notion, emotional appeal is generally lacking from B2B marketing. A study by the CEB and Google, using Motista’s emotional intelligence platform, found that 71% of B2B buyers who see some personal value in a product or service will end up purchasing it. Thus it seems that creating an emotional connection in B2B marketing is equally, if not more, important in B2B marketing.

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Leveraging the Patient Portal for Stage 2 Meaningful Use

Encouraging patients to take a leading role in managing their health is a leading problem facing the healthcare industry today. Joanne Rohde, Axial Exchange Co-Founder and CEO, says, “between 25% and 69% of costs related to healthcare happen outside the hospital. We’re a nation of chronic disease, and unless we supply both the hospital and patient with tools for managing their health in every environment, it’s not going to change.” The earliest providers will demonstrate Stage 2 meaningful use this year and securing patient portal participation will be critical.

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