Conjuring Connections: B2B Customers And Emotional Ties with Brands

Research by Google and the CEB, using Motista’s platform, suggests that emotional connection may be even more important for B2B sales than B2C sales. The study revealed a number of interesting facts, including that only 14% of decision makers were willing to pay a premium for differentiation alone, indicating that a higher emotional connection is needed to truly drive B2B sales.

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How Your Business Can Cash In on On-Time Delivery Guarantees

Major shippers offer money-back guarantees for late shipments that are often unknown and, more often, go uncollected.  Fort Lauderdale-based  71 lbs is making it easier for shippers to identify and collect these money-back guarantees. Led by CEO and Co-founder Jose Li, 71 lbs’ software automatically audits the delivery records of your shipping account, identifying late deliveries. The platform then automatically applies for a refund to the shipper’s account. Shippers pay only a percentage of the refund for using 71 lbs, costing users nothing if the company does not identify any refunds.

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