Automated Insights Brands Their Patented Platform, Launches Wordsmith for Marketing

Automated Insights announced a brand name for its patented platform, as well as the platform’s first public application. While the company has been creating personalized content at scale – over 300 million stories in 2013 – for years, Wordsmith for Marketing will allow any marketing agency to quickly prove their ROI by provide personalized narrative reports for each of their clients.

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Content Marketing for Business Services: Data That Proves Emotion Trumps Reason

Traditional thinking says that B2B buyers are less emotionally invested in products they buy as compared to B2C buyers. However, in a study of hundreds of B2B and B2C brands by Google and the CEB, using Motista’s emotional intelligence platform, it was revealed that emotion is an important factor in B2B purchasing decisions. In fact, the study revealed that B2C brands have emotional connections with 10-40% of consumers while B2B brands have connections with more than 50% of their buyers.

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