The Algorithm That Can Make Fantasy Football Even More Fun

Innovations Editor, Matt McFarland, takes a look at Automated Insights, the Durham-NC company behind Yahoo’s weekly fantasy football recaps. For the third year, Automated Insights is serving up personalized, head-to-head recaps for each fantasy football player. New this year, Yahoo asked to dial up the snark and humor. “Sports is about having fun and marrying that with your passion, and wanting to win. To us having that tone is an important part of the success,” said Ken Fuchs, VP and Group Lead of Yahoo Sports.

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Digital Publishing: Learn to Stop Worrying and Love Robot Journalists

When Automated Insights announced its partnership with The Associated Press to automate quarterly earnings reports, it created a buzz in the industry. One article covering the announcement warned, “AI Will Replace Human Journalists this Month.” However, Lou Ferra, the AP managing editor overseeing business news, is quick to note that the partnership will not replace a single reporter. “This is about using technology to free journalists to do more journalism and less data processing,” states Ferra. In fact, automated publishing leads to more relevant, personalized news for readers.

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Click Fraud: A Multi-Billion Dollar Bot Problem

Distil Networks Co-founder and CEO, Rami Essaid, explains why malicious bots are a costly problem and what can be done to recognize and mitigate future attacks. Recent estimates suggest that click fraud – a malicious botnet attack that drives up click through rates – will cost more than $11B in wasted ad spending this year. Click fraud is projected to grow as it also becomes harder to detect. While good marketing practices can help identify fraud, solutions do exist to detect and distinguish bad bots from actual site visitors.

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Durham-based Windsor Circle Raises Additional $1M

A month after announcing its Series B financing, Windsor Circle announced at the CED Tech Venture Conference that it had closed on an additional $1M from Chicago-based Origin Ventures to close the round. According to Co-founder and CEO, Matt Williamson, the funds “will allow us to increase the number of new product features we can develop, and hire for additional roles, including a world-class product manager to enhance our ongoing efforts to build a world-class retention and automation platform.”

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TBJ Reveals 2014 CIO Awards Winners

The Triangle Business Journal recently announced its 2014 CIO Award Winners. The award recognizes 20 individuals who “have used information technology to create competitive advantages, optimize business process and enable growth.” IDEA Fund Partners would like to congratulate Chris Humphres, Co-Founder and CTO of Windsor Circle, and Hugh Crenshaw and Charles Pell, Co-founders of Physcient, who were among those recognized. A showcase and awards luncheon hosted by TBJ and NCTA will be held to recognize all the winners on Oct. 16.

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