Why B2B Marketing Still Lacks Emotional Appeal

Most marketers will agree that emotional connection, consciously or subconsciously, plays an important role in the decision making process for consumer goods. Despite this widely held notion, emotional appeal is generally lacking from B2B marketing. A study by the CEB and Google, using Motista’s emotional intelligence platform, found that 71% of B2B buyers who see some personal value in a product or service will end up purchasing it. Thus it seems that creating an emotional connection in B2B marketing is equally, if not more, important in B2B marketing.

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Leveraging the Patient Portal for Stage 2 Meaningful Use

Encouraging patients to take a leading role in managing their health is a leading problem facing the healthcare industry today. Joanne Rohde, Axial Exchange Co-Founder and CEO, says, “between 25% and 69% of costs related to healthcare happen outside the hospital. We’re a nation of chronic disease, and unless we supply both the hospital and patient with tools for managing their health in every environment, it’s not going to change.” The earliest providers will demonstrate Stage 2 meaningful use this year and securing patient portal participation will be critical.

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Ongoing Implications as Bot Scraping Continues to be Good Business in Travel

While web robots help to systematically archive, map and organize the ever-growing data available online, there are a growing number of web robots designed for malicious purposes. An example of the latter is web scraping pricing and product information from competitors to make instantaneous adjustments. This is a particular pain point for the travel industry, where data sharing agreements are costly. Distil Networks, the leading bot detection and mitigation platform, recently released a report on how online travel sites can protect themselves from malicious web scrapers.

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