Windsor Circle highlights their Advanced Segment Builder at Southeast Venture Conference and Digital Summit

Windsor Circle is a leader in the field of customer retention, and their product just became better with the new addition of the Advanced Segment Builder. This addition enable retailers to build sophisticated customer segments leveraging a wide range of data sets and parameters in order to create more targeted email campaigns. Chris Humphries, CTO, says, “In the past, retailers had to navigate complex rules and data extractions to perform segmentation – now this can be accomplished in minutes.” Andrew Pearson, VP of Marketing, adds that effective retention market is vital for companies seeking investment, “Increasingly, investors evaluate retention strategy and forecasted customer lifetime value when making funding decisions.”

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Distil Networks Helps Companies Battle Bad Bots

Rami Essaid, Co-Founder and CEO of Distil Networks, details the company’s genesis and the market potential for a service that protects against bot fraud. Essaid says the market is appealing to big publishers like Forbes who want to protect their content from plagiarism. “Since bringing it to market, we’ve grown 500 percent year-over-year in terms of revenue. So by the end of this year, we’ll be looking at revenue in the seven-figure range. Which is pretty fast growth for 24 month of selling the product,” says Essaid.

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Windsor Circle growing pains mean a new HQ

Windsor Circle passed the 50-employee mark and is in need of a larger space. Having 20+ more positions to fill, the company will be looking to re-home within the year. Adam Klein, chief strategist for American Underground encourages the growth as part of the plan to bring startups into the American Underground and equip them to expand, “Windsor’s growth is an amazing story and we’re glad we could accommodate it on site.”  Windsor Circle is committed to finding a location in downtown Durham.

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Raleigh Tech Startup Raises $1.25M, Preps to Hire

Pendo is recognized in the Triangle Business Journal for the successful fundraising of $1.25M to expand the team. Todd Olson credits his team’s execution for the successful raise. Pendo has created a program that enables interactive messaging within their software products. Olson says, “It’s never easy to raise cash in North Carolina. We have a great early investor team who’s incredibly supportive. We as a team have managed to execute the objective we laid out.”

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Associated Press strikes deal with Ai with Positive Outcomes

A.P. is the first major news outlet to strike a deal with Automated Insights, a North Carolina-based company that has developed software to crunch data and generate news stories without human intervention.

This past June, A.P. announced it would begin using Automated Insights’ technology to cover U.S. earnings reports, those exceedingly dry, ultra-fast-turnaround dispatches about revenue and net income that tend to cluster around particular weeks, sapping the time and life force of financial reporters.

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Distil Networks Study Reveals CAPTCHAs Have Negative Impact on Web Traffic and Leads

A new Distil Networks study reveals that CAPTCHAs have a negative impact on web traffic and leads. It was found that CAPTCHAs, widely-used to protect websites against malicious bots, affect user behavior and engagement between users on both mobile and desktop browsers. The study was conducted through a trivia quiz about U.S. history and politics promoted via social media. A CAPTCHA was randomly placed at the end of approximately half the 1,079 quizzes served. The study used quizzes to explore the impact that CAPTCHAs may have on sustaining Web traffic and how they affect user behavior in completing forms.

The results revealed that CAPTCHAs have a much greater effect on users accessing forms with their mobile devices. Users who took the quiz on a mobile device were 27% more likely to abandon the quiz when faced with a CAPTCHA than users accessing the quiz from desktops. Findings also indicated that CAPTCHAs cause businesses to miss out on a sizable portion of potential leads. “There is a need to distinguish between bots and actual human traffic, but that shouldn’t come at the cost of website conversions,” said Rami Essaid, CEO and Co-founder of Distil Networks. “Outdated solutions like CAPTCHAs significantly reduce registrations, leads, and other website inquiries. Businesses should consider frictionless solutions that automatically detect human visitors from the bots.”

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If an Algorithm Wrote This, How Would You Even Know?

When you read an article or story on the internet do you automatically assume it was written by a human? Reporter Shelley Podolny questions the impact that robo-reporters will have on the news industry and humanity. While algorithms and natural language generators have been around for a while, they’re getting better and faster. Software platforms are now able to make sense of the staggering volume and complexity of the big data we generate, to identify patterns, insights and anomalies. The Associated Press recently tapped Durham-based Automated Insights to automate their public company quarterly financial reports. Using Automated Insights’ Wordsmith platform, the AP has creates more than 3,000 financial reports per quarter.

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Now Offering Private Auction for High-End Music Catalogs

Initially established to publicly serve a marketplace where smaller investors could invest from $10,000 to $100,000, Royalty Exchange has now expanded to meet new demand in the high-end music royalties and publishing catalog arena. Sean Peace, CEO, says of the new offer, “We have created a highly efficient platform that reaches the broadest audience possible for anyone wishing to sell their catalog privately as a direct sale or using our exclusive private auction.”

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