Internet Privacy Is The Wrong Conversation

Rami Essaid, Co-Founder and CEO of Distil Networks, talks about the relationship between tracking user engagement and privacy. He writes, “The truth is, people will never achieve true privacy and anonymity online.” The resourcefulness of companies like Facebook and Google that use tracking and canvasing technology to advertise to users is not surprising, says Essaid, but the conversation and presentation of online tracking needs to change. “Transparency is the only true solution because right now, the world is chasing its tail trying to regulate tracking technologies.” How do companies implement this transparency? Essaid suggests offering tracking voluntarily would lead to transparency as a “self-correcting market force.”

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The Role of Emotions in B2B Marketing: Telling a Story, Making a Sale

Sherry Lamoreaux addresses the incorrect assumption that B2Bs should be more concerned about product details, payment schedules, and competitive differentiators than emotional engagement. She writes, “Marketers need to understand the psychological drives behind B2B purchases, as well as the emotions in play” and uses Google’s research with IDEA Fund Partners’ portfolio company, Motista, and CEB to support her point. Google’s research shows that if a B2B buying is emotionally connected to your company then it is likely that the buyer will consider purchase.

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WedPics’ Success Started with One Fake Wedding

Before WedPics, there was Deja Mi — a photo-sharing app that had a difficult time standing out amongst other competitors. It was through Deja Mi that CEO Justin Miller and his team discovered a niche market – the wedding industry – so they switched their focus with WedPics. In order to launch, WedPics needed a marketing message. They decided to create a video that showed how WedPics works. But in order to make the video, WedPics needed a wedding. Justin decided to throw his best friend a fake wedding to create a fun and memorable video. Now, three years later, over 500,000 couples have registered with WedPics to capture their own special event.

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