Pendo CEO on $11M Series A: “We’ve Hit Every Goal We’ve Set As a Company”

IFP Portfolio Company Pendo recently closed an $11 million Series A, one of the largest in recent NC VC tech history. Investors in the round included Salesforce and Battery Ventures.

Pendo CEO Todd Olson has been an active entrepreneur for years, starting his first company in the late 1990s while a student at Carnegie Mellon and raising $17 million for its development. His next company, 6th Sense Analytics, was sold to Rally Software in 2008. After a few years with Rally, Olson left his position as VP of Products following the company’s 2013 IPO.

Since then, he’s spent his time starting Pendo. In just a few years, the company has grown its SaaS customer base to over 60. And since January 2014, revenue has been increasing by 30% per month. When asked, IFP Managing Partner Lister Delgado commented “Rarely do you see a team of people who have done this before and know what they need to do (…). This is one of the best companies in the Triangle.”

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WedPics Team Releases Photo, A Collaborative Photo-Sharing App For iOS, Android And Web

The developers at WedPics have released a new mobile and web-based application called “Photo,” a social media platform that aims to extend the user’s WedPics experience beyond the wedding day. The app will help couples and individuals document important life events such as a family reunion, a baby shower, or a special vacation.

CEO Justin Miller reports that the inspiration for Photo came from WedPic users themselves, many of whom wanted a WedPics-like app for other occasions. While Photo retains many of the same features as WedPics, it will operate independently and focus more on the user. Miller is confident in his team’s ability to bring the app to market successfully and sees user transition from WedPics to Photo as natural.

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