Lucerno’s next step for commercial device after $6M funder

Lucerno Dynamics – which recently completed its series A equity funding round, raising $6.34 million – has a commercially available device and has launched a new study with it.

The Morrisville-based company’s Class 1 device, the Lara System, is now listed with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The device detects and monitors infiltrations of radiotracer injections during PET/CT scans.

How Two NC State Students Launched A Filter Delivery Startup

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recommends home and business owners replace their air filters once per quarter, and in some cases as often as once per month. A Raleigh startup founded by two N.C. State University students hopes that most people would rather not try to remember that on their own.

Investors have taken note, pumping nearly $5 million into the startup, according to records with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Kevin Barry and Thad Tarkington met at N.C. State. On an otherwise normal Saturday, Barry said he had a frustrating experience trying to replace an air filter for his apartment, an ordeal that took four hours.

“He ended up finally getting the filter, but it ended up taking him the good majority of the afternoon, and it was only for a ten- or fifteen-dollar filter,” said Tarkington. “As we started looking more and more into it, we realized this is a fairly common problem.”

That experience led to the idea for FilterEasy, a company that delivers the correct air filter right to customer’s front doors.

“There are hundreds of different consumer sizes, thousands of different business sizes, and we deliver that exact bundle of the exact sizes needed on the correct frequency,” said Tarkington. “And it’s really kind of checking that one thing off the to-do list of remembering to change your filters every quarter.”

The company doesn’t get into supply chain specifics, but has a contract with a manufacturer that allows FilterEasy to deliver the air filters to homes and businesses for the same price they would pay for a filter if bought at a store, according to Tarkington. Based in downtown Raleigh, FilterEasy employs 45 people at a range of functions, including working at a local fulfillment center.

Barry and Tarkington started working in earnest on the company in late 2012 and by mid-2013 saw such an opportunity that they quit school. They launched the service in March of 2014 and haven’t looked back.

“Once we saw it had legs and saw the opportunity and started working on it, we just began to pursue it full time,” said Tarkington.

CloudTags Launches Latest Connected Store with Crate and Barrel

CloudTags Launches Latest Connected Store with Crate and Barrel

CloudTags’ Digital In-Store Experience Increases Average Order Value

ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–CloudTags, the creator of Connected Stores, today announced a new customer experience with Crate and Barrel, one of the world’s leading home furnishings retailers, to launch their first Connected Store in suburban Chicago.

Using branded tablets, called MobileTotes, shoppers can digitally interact with in-store products as well as shop Crate and Barrel’s full online assortment without being required to sign up or download an app. MobileTote provides shoppers with product information, recommendations, inventory availability, and styling options as they build their digital collection of home furnishings and housewares items. Additionally, the CloudTags platform is seamlessly integrated with Crate and Barrel’s existing site-search tool and product reviews.

Once a shopper has explored the store and created a digital cart, they may email it as a wishlist to save for later or complete the transaction via the dedicated MobileTote checkout. After giving their tablet to a sales associate, the store team will gather all of their items to checkout while the shopper completes their store visit.

“CloudTags and MobileTote gives our customers some of the best features of digital shopping while exploring the store. The blend of online and in-store elements is very user friendly and supports an omnichannel shopping experience,” said Joan King, Vice President of eCommerce for Crate and Barrel. “By allowing customers to opt-in at the end of the session, we can re-engage with our most highly valued store visitors.”

The Crate and Barrel Connected Store leverages CloudTags’ technology for staff members as well. Using assigned NFC tags, sales associates can tap the back of the devices to receive credit for any online sales that result from the customer’s in-store experience. Crate and Barrel is also making use of CloudTags’ In-Store Remarketing features, which employ both email and re-targeted display ads related to the specific products a customer considered while using the device to increase sales.

“We’re honored to work with one of the country’s best home furnishings retailers. The Crate and Barrel Connected Store is all about increasing participation and access to digital commerce experiences with no sign-up, download or registration. We’re excited to co-innovate with their teams as the importance of connected retail grows,” said James Yancey, CEO of CloudTags.

CloudTags and Crate and Barrel have noted positive initial results from the pilot showing an average order value increase for MobileTote customers versus store customers not using the technology.

To see the Crate and Barrel Connected Store in action, check out this video or visit 4999 Old Orchard Shopping Center, Skokie, IL 60077.



CloudTags is the creator of the Connected Store – powering customer identification, predictive intelligence, and in-store remarketing. CloudTags drives increased ROI for retailers by helping customers to fall in love digitally with products in the store, then re-engaging them intelligently afterward. For more information, please visit or follow the technology on Twitter @cloudtags.


Brian Prezgay

Why Ads Make Us Feel the Way We Do

Advertising is a curious mix of fact and emotion. But while facts are easy to come by and measure, marketers have always struggled to measure the emotion customers feel for their products. While an advertisement that presents a list of facts about why a given product is superior will often fall flat, what works is an advertisement that leaves people feeling good about themselves.

Beer companies can tell us about the quality of the mountain water used in the brewing process or adherence to Bavarian standards, but when it comes down to it, what matters more is that we are part of a group that loves to sing and dance on cruise ships with exotic passengers. We are the life of the party. We are the most interesting men in the world. We don’t just like a particular brand of beer, we have an emotional connection to it.

Lucerno Dynamics Secures $6.34M to Commercialize First Application of Sensor Technology

Morrisville, NC – October 10, 2016 – Lucerno Dynamics, LLC, a medical device start-up in Morrisville, NC, announces the completion of its series A equity funding round with a total $6.34 million raised.

“We are very pleased with the response to our fundraising campaign,” said Ron Lattanze, Lucerno’s chief executive officer. “This completes our funding initiative. With this investment, we will be able to commercialize our first application of Lucerno sensor technology early next year and it sets us up to explore additional applications of the technology.”

Lucerno’s first commercial application provides quality control and quality assurance for nuclear medicine injections.

The $6.34 million investment includes $1.14 million of convertible debt raised earlier this year and $5.2 million in new funds.

“Once we secured a lead investor, two major investors and other individuals committed funds within three weeks, “Lattanze said. “I was most encouraged by the healthy amount of oversubscription, about $700,000, and that the majority of our note holders added to their investment.”

Durham-based IDEA Fund Partners, a major investor, infused venture capital funds. “We are excited to participate in this round of financing,” said John Cambier, managing partner of IDEA Fund. “After having served as an advisor to Lucerno for the last three years, I have only become more impressed with both the team and the opportunity ahead for the company. They have demonstrated a combination of great drive and ability and the progress they are making in bringing a game-changing technology to the market is undeniable.”

IDEA Fund Partners is a seed and early stage venture capital firm investing in disruptive B2B companies based in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. The firm manages one of the most active seed and early stage funds in Southeast.

Founded in 2011, Lucerno Dynamics is a Morrisville, NC medical device company that is focused on the development, manufacturing, and marketing of systems to detect and quantify the presence of radiolabeled biomarkers.

Sarda Taps Magwel for GaAs Power Transistor Modeling

Sarda Technologies, a disruptive power management component supplier is announcing that it has adopted PTM, the power transistor modeling solution developed by Magwel to help in optimizing yield, performance and time-to-market of its Heterogeneous Integrated Power Stage (HIPS). Designed to address the rapidly escalating power consumption in data centers, Sarda’s HIPS replaces silicon switches with gallium arsenide (GaAs) in voltage regulators that increase switching frequency by 10 times, improve transient response by 5 times and reduce size by 80%. With these fast, small voltage regulators, it enables granular power delivery to reduce data center power consumption by 30%.

Charlotte Financial Tech Company Payzer Raises $4.3 Million

A Charlotte-based mobile application company has raised $4.25 million from four investors in a private stock offering, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Payzer Holdings Inc. filed a Form D with the SEC on Sept. 26. The filing listed a total offering amount of $4.25 million with no amount remaining to be sold.

Of the amount raised, $500,000 will be used to pay executive officers, directors or promoters. No other details were provided.

Payzer is a mobile and cloud-based financial technology company, originally founded as “Just Push Pay.” Payzer’s mobile app helps businesses grow by enabling mobile payments, instant loans via mobile devices, easy management of recurring payments and customer management.

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Investing In Emotional Bonds To Find The Missing Multiplier

As consumers, we all feel the impact of the emotional bonds we have with certain brands.

We tell stories about them. We defend them with our friends. We forgive them when they get things wrong. In fact, we’re often reluctant to think they actually did get things wrong, preferring to blame someone else we’re less bonded to (e.g. our mobile network, rather than our phone brand) or simply forget that anything happened.

The same is true if we are a business customer. Among many different statements about B2B brands tested in research, the one most strongly correlated with recommendation — above statements about price, product quality, innovation, and so on — is “I enjoy doing business with them.” We’ve found this consistently in B2B sectors from hi-technology to commodity chemicals.

An Emotional Connection Matters More than Customer Satisfaction

In the search for profitable organic growth, more and more companies are making major investments in optimizing the end-to-end customer experience – every aspect of how customers interact with the company’s brand, products, promotions, and service offerings, on and offline. But most companies lack a strategic objective that spans the customer journey, can be understood and operationalized across the enterprise, and, most importantly, actually increases customer value. Without a clear, measurable, value-creating goal, companies risk expending huge amounts of human and capital resources without delivering any real financial return.

FilterEasy Automates Easily-Forgotten Maintenance Task For Homeowners And Renters

Most homeowners with HVAC systems know what air filters are and understand why it’s important. But some young people and renters may be unaware of their existence. For those in the dark, FilterEasy Co-founder Kevin Barry would like to clarify. “They have one simple purpose,” says Barry, “and that is to remove particles from the air as it circulates through your HVAC system. Every hour, every single air particle in your home is going to pass through your HVAC system two times. So, that’s 48 times a day that your air filter is going to be scrubbing the air.”

Barry and co-founder Thad Tarkington operate a young, high-growth company located in Raleigh, NC that offers home delivery of air filters to residential and commercial addresses. “They know firsthand that it can be a pain to travel to the hardware store and buy filters four times a year,” writes Forbes contributor Matt Hunckler. “Even worse, it’s a routine maintenance task that most people simply forget to perform, which can have negative impacts on both their health and their HVAC system.”

By partnering with AAF Flanders, the country’s largest manufacturer of air filters, FilterEasy is able to match the price of their service with the price consumers pay in-store. Since their launch in March of 2014, FilterEasy has raised over $4.5M in funding.

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