The Companies: San Antonio’s Techstars Cloud 2016 Demo Day Pitches

Last Thursday, eleven startups pitched their businesses to investors and tech executives in the San Antonio technology world. The event came after each company’s completion of an accelerator program put on by TechStars called TechStars Cloud. The accelerator offers a variety of resources in exchange for 6% ownership of the company.

Among the businesses competing were companies offering secure, encrypted email, companies offering intelligent data analytics, and companies redefining how we search for images online.

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WedPics app revolutionizing wedding photography

WedPics has experienced tremendous growth in recent months. When the company launched over two years ago, the company had about 60,000 users in its first quarter. Today, that number stands at about 5 million.

WedPics has revolutionized the market for wedding photos. “It takes the old idea of the disposable camera… and brings that to the now,” said Justin Miller, CEO and co-founder of WedPics. “Whether it’s the grandparents, or mom and dad, or the best friends everybody’s unique photos and videos all stream into this one place together.”

Right now, the company’s primary objective is user acquisition. “WedPics is totally free, and usually the next question people usually ask is, ‘Well how do you make money?’ And as a tech startup in the social space, our goal right now is not to make money, but our goal is to capture a large audience,” said Miller.

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