Charlotte Financial Tech Company Payzer Raises $4.3 Million

A Charlotte-based mobile application company has raised $4.25 million from four investors in a private stock offering, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Payzer Holdings Inc. filed a Form D with the SEC on Sept. 26. The filing listed a total offering amount of $4.25 million with no amount remaining to be sold.

Of the amount raised, $500,000 will be used to pay executive officers, directors or promoters. No other details were provided.

Payzer is a mobile and cloud-based financial technology company, originally founded as “Just Push Pay.” Payzer’s mobile app helps businesses grow by enabling mobile payments, instant loans via mobile devices, easy management of recurring payments and customer management.

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Investing In Emotional Bonds To Find The Missing Multiplier

As consumers, we all feel the impact of the emotional bonds we have with certain brands.

We tell stories about them. We defend them with our friends. We forgive them when they get things wrong. In fact, we’re often reluctant to think they actually did get things wrong, preferring to blame someone else we’re less bonded to (e.g. our mobile network, rather than our phone brand) or simply forget that anything happened.

The same is true if we are a business customer. Among many different statements about B2B brands tested in research, the one most strongly correlated with recommendation — above statements about price, product quality, innovation, and so on — is “I enjoy doing business with them.” We’ve found this consistently in B2B sectors from hi-technology to commodity chemicals.