BrightDoor’s Real Estate Sales and Marketing Software Rises with Phoenix

As the real estate market in Arizona continues to recover, developers and builders are turing their attention to marketing. The question they’re asking themselves is no longer “When’s this all going to turn around?” but instead, “With more buyers in the game choosing among more options, how can I capture and keep my share of attention?” The answer to the latter has been BrightDoor’s real estate sales and marketing software for four leading communities in Arizona.

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BrightDoor Shines in the Sunshine State

BrightDoor System CEO Deven Spear joined Florida Governor Rick Scott and Flagler County officials at the groundbreaking of Coastal Cloud, a rural sourcing innovator that is expected to add up to 100 jobs to the area. Mr. Spear and BrightDoor officials were invited to the groundbreaking to demonstrate how their clients, real estateĀ developersĀ and brokerages, leverage cloud computing to track and manage their customer relationships.

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Real Estate Sales and Marketing Success is Now Available in Pocket-Size Form

BrightDoor announced today that beginning mid January 2011, the company will release the BrightBase Mobile Edition (1.0 Beta). The BrightBase Mobile Edition will provide BrightDoor users remote access to key BrightBase function from popular mobile devices (incl. iPhone, Android and Blackberry) and will be included at no charge for all licensed BrightBase customers. Feedback from Beta test users will be used to refine the product and complete feature set that will be part of the general product release in the second quarter of 2011.

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