Reveal Mobile Launches Platform That Leverages Location-Based Audience Data

Reveal Mobile, a leading innovator in monetizing location-based audience data, announced the launch of Social Direct, a platform that enables advertising agencies, retailers and brands to leverage location-based audience data for highly targeted social media campaigns.

According to a press release, Social Direct enables advertisers to find the audiences who have visited their own locations, competing locations or who match broad, interest-based categories. Advertisers can then easily target these audiences on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, as well as Google AdWords to reach relevant consumers.

The Social Direct platform draws first-party data from Reveal Mobile’s nationwide database of 40 million location-sharing mobile consumers, which can then be targeted via their social media platforms for retargeting and user acquisition campaigns.

“Social Direct is the first solution that turns mobile audiences into social audiences, enabling advertisers to reach social media users based on previous, real-world location history,” said Brian Handly, CEO of Reveal Mobile. “Not only does it allow companies to find new users to download their apps, Social Direct dramatically boosts advertising performance and reduces campaign costs. It is a major leap forward in mobile marketing.”

The Pain And Promise Of Beacons In Retail

Beacons entered the marketing landscape a few years ago with splashy headlines touting large national retail deployments and the ability to engage with customers in real time.

While recent headlines have been fewer, the pace of beacon deployments has evolved but hasn’t slowed. Nowhere is this more evident than in retail, where beacons bring both pain and promise for retailers’ marketing and customer service teams.

Local Media Must Push Back At Facebook For ’16 Election Spend

It is predicted that over $3B will be spent on ads in the upcoming election cycle. Matthew Davis, VP of Marketing at Reveal, explains how local media outlets can compete with Facebook for those ad dollars. To compete effectively, Davis says that it’s critical that local media uses analytics tools to better understand their audience. Davis believes that despite Facebook’s head start, local media has an advantage given the time spent consuming local content and the ability to promote across both digital and TV.

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With Beacons, Big Data & a Fresh $750K Round, Reveal Mobile Completes Pivot

Reveal Mobile, formerly known as StepLeader Digital, recently closed an oversubscribed $750k round with participation from IDEA Fund Partners of Durham, NC and Charleston, SC’s Alerion Ventures.

Alerion’s Wiley Becker expressed his confidence that “Reveal has a wide-open opportunity servicing the thousands of app publishers who don’t have access to the mobile audience data of major Internet companies,” writes ExitEvent’s Laura Baverman. Becker is a former principal for Square 1 Ventures of Durahm.

Reveals software allows app publishers to better target mobile advertising to consumers. It is led by Brian Handly. The round included three investors -Capitol Broadcasting, River Cities Capital Fund, and Bull City Venture Partners – who have reupped on their initial equity position.

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