Now Offering Private Auction for High-End Music Catalogs

Initially established to publicly serve a marketplace where smaller investors could invest from $10,000 to $100,000, Royalty Exchange has now expanded to meet new demand in the high-end music royalties and publishing catalog arena. Sean Peace, CEO, says of the new offer, “We have created a highly efficient platform that reaches the broadest audience possible for anyone wishing to sell their catalog privately as a direct sale or using our exclusive private auction.”

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Song Catalog Finances

The $6B music publishing industry appeals to investors as royalty returns are largely uncorrelated to the public and private markets. One company helping connect royalty owners with investors is Royalty Exchange. Using the platform, artists and songwriters are able to sell all or part of their royalty streams. Writer and producer Preston Glass – who worked with artists such as Natalie Cole, Aretha Franklin and Whitney Houston – recently auctioned 15 songs through the platform, raising $158K. Royalty Exchange has sold over $2M in royalties on more than 2,000 songs.

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IDEA Fund Partners Announces Investment in Royalty Exchange

Leading Online Auction Platform for Royalties Brings Transparency to the Marketplace

DURHAM, NC − November 6, 2014 IDEA Fund Partners is pleased to announce its recent investment in Royalty Exchange, the first centralized online marketplace connecting royalty owners with investors. Founded in 2011 by technology and music industry veterans, Royalty Exchange is bringing transparency to a market that has long been conducted in opaque, one-off transactions. In conjunction with the investment, IDEA Fund Partners Managing Partner, John Cambier, has become a director on the board of Royalty Exchange.

“We’re excited to have IDEA Fund Partners participate in this financing,” said Sean Peace, Royalty Exchange CEO and Co-founder. “As a Raleigh-based company, it’s encouraging to have the support of local investors. IDEA Fund Partners’ track record and experience working with early stage technology companies was very compelling. We look forward to having John on the board and working with IDEA Fund Partners as we grow the world’s leading online marketplace for royalty investments.”

Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, with offices in Los Angeles, Nashville and New York, Royalty Exchange is the world’s first online marketplace for the valuation and sale of royalties on a secure and transparent platform. Using the platform, accredited investors can bid on a wide array of royalty assets in either single-unit or multi-unit (securitized) auctions. Royalty Exchange brings transparency to the market by making royalty revenue history available for each listing, allowing prospective bidders to better understand and analyze the underlying revenue stream. Royalty streams are seamlessly managed post-auction by Royalty Exchange, with the new right holders receiving quarterly or bi-annual royalty distributions. Notable offerings managed by Royalty Exchange include royalties connected to artists such as Justin Timberlake, Travis Tritt, Usher and Whitney Houston, as well as songs from Disney films and TV shows including SeinfeldFriends and Law & Order.

“The success of platforms like Lending Cub and AngelList demonstrates the changing investment landscape,” said John Cambier, Managing Partner of IDEA Fund Partners. “We believe that music and other royalties present an untapped asset class for investors seeking yield and uncorrelated alternative investments. Sean and his team have created a unique valuation, auction and stream management platform that is opening this market to the masses. We’re excited to partner with Royalty Exchange as one of the first investments out of our second fund.”

Royalty Exchange will use the cash infusion to further develop the platform and expand its sales and marketing presence as it penetrates deeper into music. Beyond music, Royalty Exchange is developing opportunities for oil and gas, film, TV, books, pharmaceutical, patents, intellectual property, apps and other forms of royalties.

About IDEA Fund Partners
Headquartered in Durham, NC, IDEA Fund Partners provides seed and early stage equity funding along with company building expertise to technology companies in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. Since 2007, IDEA Fund Partners has invested in 19 early stage companies, making the firm one of the most active seed and early stage venture investors in the Southeast. IDEA Fund Partners is currently investing out of its second fund, from which it has made five investments to date. Learn more at

About Royalty Exchange
Founded in 2011, Royalty Exchange started after identifying the need for a centralized marketplace where royalty owners could monetize their royalties and investors seeking to purchase alternative assets could invest in them. Our mission is simply to provide a platform where royalty assets, such as music, television and film or intellectual property, renewable energy and oil and gas, can be bought or sold in an effort to bring value to both the investor and seller. For more information, visit

Website Turns Music Royalties into Investments

Writing for USA Today, Laura Braverman takes a look at a new offering from Raleigh-based Royalty Exchange. The company operates an online marketplace that connect royalty owners with investors looking to purchase these revenue streams. Royalty Exchange recently announced its first securitized offering. The securitized offering will allow the royalty stream to be broken into smaller units, allowing multiple buyers to purchase a share of the royalty. Royalty Exchange’s first offering of this type is the producer royalties for 11 tracks recorded and performed by 3 Doors Down.

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