FilterEasy Automates Easily-Forgotten Maintenance Task For Homeowners And Renters

Most homeowners with HVAC systems know what air filters are and understand why it’s important. But some young people and renters may be unaware of their existence. For those in the dark, FilterEasy Co-founder Kevin Barry would like to clarify. “They have one simple purpose,” says Barry, “and that is to remove particles from the air as it circulates through your HVAC system. Every hour, every single air particle in your home is going to pass through your HVAC system two times. So, that’s 48 times a day that your air filter is going to be scrubbing the air.”

Barry and co-founder Thad Tarkington operate a young, high-growth company located in Raleigh, NC that offers home delivery of air filters to residential and commercial addresses. “They know firsthand that it can be a pain to travel to the hardware store and buy filters four times a year,” writes Forbes contributor Matt Hunckler. “Even worse, it’s a routine maintenance task that most people simply forget to perform, which can have negative impacts on both their health and their HVAC system.”

By partnering with AAF Flanders, the country’s largest manufacturer of air filters, FilterEasy is able to match the price of their service with the price consumers pay in-store. Since their launch in March of 2014, FilterEasy has raised over $4.5M in funding.

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