GaAs & Silicon: A New Proposal for Power

Startup says its modules reduce switching loss by 30%

“Sarda Technologies heterogeneously integrated power stage module combines CMOS power drivers with GaAs output transistors in the same QFN package,” writes Ohr. The idea seems quite intuitive, he suggests, adding that it is a wonder it hasn’t been done before. Ohr explains that the crux of Sarda’s technology is “us[ing] gallium arsenide (GaAs) as the power driver for modules in compute servers and communications switching stations. Traditionally used for basestation transmitters, GaAs transistors automatically improve switching power supply frequencies: This enables higher densities for server power transmission applications, reduces heat dissipation, and helps shrink the size of power chain bricks and modules.”

Ohr is a former director for Semiconductor Research at Gartner.

Sarda is a Durham-based, ventured backed company led by Bob Conner. Connor who has 15 years of experience with large corporations and 18 years with startups is joined by team members that include power-management veterans from companies such as Intersil and Harris Semiconductor.

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