About IDEA Fund Partners

Who We Are

IDEA Fund Partners is one of the most active seed and early stage venture investors in NC and throughout the Southeast. We typically provide the first institutional money for the companies in which we invest. We like to make small initial investments and set aside plenty of follow-on capital for future rounds. We will invest as little as $250K and up to $1M in a round, and can invest up to $2M over the life of a company.

We consider ourselves company builders. We typically get involved early on and help entrepreneurs build strong sustainable companies. But we also get out of the way and let managers manage. We typically take on board seats, and if we feel we cannot bring value to a company, we prefer not to invest. As a team, we have advised hundreds and invested in dozens of early stage companies over the past decade.

We are headquartered in Durham, NC. We invest in companies located in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions of the US. However, because of our early stage focus, we prefer to invest as close to home as possible. We venture out when we make a co-investment with a partner we know and trust.

We invest in people we know. We like to meet entrepreneurs. They are passionate about what they do and are fun to be around. If you want us to invest in you, get to know us first. It is not a good idea to ask us for money before we know you. It will take some time to get comfortable with one another.

We appreciate commitment. Conviction and perseverance are important qualities in entrepreneurs. We like entrepreneurs that are committed to their ideas and their business, and give their heart and soul to their companies. We value entrepreneurs that are dedicated to their company.

We are patient investors. We don’t put our entire allocation into a company upfront. We like to leave a lot of dry powder for future rounds. We know it usually takes a long time to build a great company, and business plans typically underestimate the capital required.

We like to invest alongside friends. Sometimes we invest by ourselves, but we look to reduce risk by investing in a syndicate. Over the years, we have developed relationships with many investors. We are also open to developing new co-investment relationships. A good syndicate is very important to us.

Investment Snapshot

IDEA Fund Partners is focused on, but not limited to, companies with the following attributes.

IDEA Fund Partners will focus its investment resources primarily on companies headquartered or operating within North Carolina and the rest of the SouthEast, or wherever we have Venture Partners (Richmond, Denver, Washington DC, Atlanta, Orlando, and Pittsburgh).

Industry Focus
IDEA Fund Partners provides funding for dynamic, young technology companies. Currently, IDEA Fund Partners focuses on helping companies in the following areas:

B2B Software

Tech Enabled Services

Materials Technologies

Medical Devices and Diagnostics


IDEA Fund Partners is generally the first institutional money in and invests in pre-revenue companies and those up to $5 million in revenues.