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Who We Are

Our team is led by an experienced duo of Managing Partners that have invested together for over a decade. The team also features a deep and experienced group of Venture and Operating Partners, each of whom has more than 20 years of operational experience and has served as CEO of a venture-backed startup company. Together, they have helped guide their companies to combined exits well in excess of $1 billion.

Our Approach

We invest early, we’ve been making early stage investments as a group since 2002. We’re not afraid of investing in pre-revenue companies. In fact, most of our initial investments have been in pre-revenue companies. We consider ourselves company builders and look to invest in companies where we can add value. We have an experienced team that gets involved and understands the process of building companies.

What We Look For

The most important investment criteria for us is great management. It is the factor we strongly believe will influence the success or failure of companies most directly. We look for companies with the potential to become leaders in their field through the application of unique and defensible technologies and business models. We look for technologies that are disruptive to existing markets or enable entirely new ones.